Thursday, May 27, 2010


I told you folks I would post the rest of what I 'made' for my neighbor, so here it is...candles.

I've made a couple of these before, but they turned out much better. I got different candles than the last time, and I think the wax on these just started melting too fast....They got pretty warped around the image. These were expensive candles, so I had to find a way to go with it. I decided, sans wax paper cover, to heat the entire candle to even it out, then made the drippings on the top to make it look more like a used candle...These are battery operated candles so this would not have happened over time.
When they were all done I set them on a rectangular glass plate and added some glass stones and that was it. My neighbor loved it and has already set them up in her house.
I also gave her a little friendship plaque and put it all in a craft bag that I had spiced up.
The stamps I used for this were from Autumn Leaves, MS, and Fancy Pants...there's also stickles around the outer edge of the big heart. I'll be making some more soon with different candles and I have a better idea in mind for those, so stay tuned if you like these.
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