Monday, May 31, 2010

DD's Birthday Party...FINALLY

It's a week late, but we finally had her party. We would've had it on time, but she was still real sick so I decided to hold off. Tillie is much, much better now and thought she didn't get into opening the gifts she really enjoyed her cake!

Here's my little Monkey b4 cake and presents!

Here she is with her pile of presents.

The cake! Can you believe this took me like 8 hours. OMGoodness you'd think it would've turned out a little better, lol. This is my first fondant cake and I had a lot of oopsie's and couldn't quite do everything that was supposed to be done cause I didn't get a couple of key ingredients...that's what happens when you take four kids with you...but I will try another one of these sometime as I think they have real potential to look good.

Let's eat cake! This was sooo cute. This first thing she did was pick off all the flowers and eat them, then she tried to get pieces off the cake...the fondant gets kind of hard...So, she decided screw it and just leaned in to take a bite out of the cake! Kids are so funny aren't they!

She discovered biting it wasn't gonna work too well either and dug in!
That's it for me today, hope you all had a great day!


rozzy said...

oh what a sweetie she is…and such a cheeky monkey… i think she is saying Mom, my cake is just perfect. It looks great. We always spend more time worrying over getting things right. I used ti make and ice cakes years ago.. the last one was my wedding cake… nearly 20 yrs ago now! Fondant was only just starting to be used then.. it certainly made life easier…and the cakes smoother :)
I could just eat some of that yummy cake right now…but I bet she hasn't saved any :)
Well done Autumn, she will be proud of you and she'll have the piccies as a reminder forever.
hugs rozzy xx

Aussie Loz said...

Potential to look good? Are you crazy, that cake is awesome!! Remind me never to post pics of the pitiful things my poor children get for their birthdays!! She's such a cutie, where'd your profile pic go? I was going to see if she looks like you! Have a great week ♥

Lori said...

Autumn are you crazy you think that cake isn't perfect? It's totally amazing and fit your beautiful princess. I can't see anything you could have done better. Open your cake business today!

Lexi said...

i agree its perfect hunni and she looks like she had a fabulous time :D Did she manage to eat the whole 2nd floor though? lol