Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Following your dreams and 'The Cake'

... Isn't that something you think about when you think of Amelia Earheart?? Well, it is for me. What an inspirational woman she was. Never letting those rotten men get in her way and doing what she loved!! Well, as you may have guessed it, today I've chosen ' Amelia' for my inspiration for you all and here she is...

You can find this beauty at Funky Kits here. I've made my own sentiment and am going to use this for a graduation card...I think she quite represents looking to the future! 
The papers I've used are from Basic Grey's Capella line and I've inked up all the edges and used kraft for the base.
When I colored her I got her all done except the cloth on her arm...I knew I wanted a splash of color, just hadn't decided what yet. In placing my flowers I found I really liked this not quite burgandy color and went with it.

Here's a little closer view...I"m thinking there may be a little too much green now, but at least I got that splash of color in and that makes me feel a bit better. The clouds aren't actually that white, I've darkened them a bit, but it's not showing for some reason. Life will go on!

Here are my copics. So proud I've actually been remembering to take the pics lately!

Well that does it for cards for today, but before I leave I wanted to share with you a pic of that cake I promised. I meant to get it up here sooner with a whole post on Tillie, but I've been crazy busy and things are just not going to slow down as I'm getting ready to take a little trip so, here's the cake...

It was supposed to be way more spectacular than this,but I ran out of time due to my A/C going out and had to improvise. Not as fantastical to look at, but so incredibly yummy. The bottom cake was white from scratch and the top was strawberry. The icing was buttercreme with a few liberties and so delicious...I can't stop eating it,lol. Hopefully I get another chance to make this the right way, but luckily she only turned 2 and loved it!

Here's what she looked like at the end of the day when all was said and done. All dirty and sticky haired, so I think she had fun! If you've been folling me and your curious to see how she's changed since last year check out this post here.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the Simply Sassy DT blog to see all the inspiration that's going on over there. Also, it is gonna be quiet around here for about a week due to my trip, but I'll have lots of goodies to share with you when I get back so stay tuned!

Have a great day!


saturated canary said...

ah! she is the cutest!!...if your kids are sticky, sweaty, or dirty-- they probably had a blast that day:):)-- she looks so adorable!

gosh...your cake is crazy!...i could never even attempt the bottom layer!'s so gorgeous:):) and buttercream is my all time fave icing! sounds yummy!

lastly--- your card is great! you can never have too much green!;) i love it! you nailed it perfectly-- especially the sentiment! she has been an inspiring lady to me since i did a bio report on her in fourth grade:)

have a great day! xoxo

Dobra said...

A card very wonderful, sweet stamp
Very wonderfully painted and such beautiful papers

Paula said...

I definitely don't think there is too much green on your card - it looks absolutely right & picks up the flower stems beautifully. The deep red is perfect with this too & I love that lace with those papers - the whole vintage style is brilliant.

As for your daughter - hasn't she grown & your cakes.......just leave me speechless.

Take care preparing to go away & have a lovely time.
Paula (PEP)

Aussie Loz said...

OMG! I am not letting Hay see that cake cause I'm sure she'll expect something like that next year!! that looks awesome Autumn! And I bet she loved it! I hope she had a great day ♥

Aussie Loz said...

oooh, forgot the card! too busy dreaming about that frosting!! love the colours and your sentiment ♥

Julie said...

Great card + a beautiful cake - your daughter is one lucky little girl! x