Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A funny story... I was sitting here, uploading some more pics and my 4 year old comes over to me and says, "mom, please will you help me to draw Rintoo, HoHo, Tolie, Lulu, and Kai-lan." Apparently he thinks I can do anything, lol. So, since he asked so nicely I decide to give it a shot and considering I've got enough talent to copy pretty much anything I can look at they didn't turn out too bad. Anyway, I gave it to him and he brings back Lulu and say's, "Hey, she's supposed to have a balloon", well, she didn't have one in the pic I copied, but that didn't matter to, she has a balloon. Aren't kids funny! Well, I just thought that was kind of funny and thought I'd share. My little Alex, makes me laugh daily....why would anyone not want kids!!! Also, I've posted some new pics. These are professional-type, as I am not a professional, of my kids. Take a peek if your curious...even if it's just wondering what my kids look like, lol.

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