Monday, April 19, 2010

My photos

In case anybody is interested I've decided to share some of my pictures with you. I dabble in photography and have gotten some pretty good shots over the years. Today, I figured out how to make another page within my blog and have posted a few pics if you would like to look at them. There will be a link on my right sidebar that says My Photos and the different categories will be listed below it. I will probably have several different categories to make it easier to view but please bare with me as this is a learning process and I'm sure to make several mistakes in getting this all done. I will be adding new pics periodically so make sure you check back. I'm sure all be doing a lot more in the coming days and then will taper off a bit, but for now if you want a peek at things that are coming go ahead and take a look. Feel free to leave me any comments or tips if you know anything about photography. I am self taught in this field and I'm open to construcitve critisism. Hope you are all having a great day, now I gotta get LOADS of laundry done!

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