Friday, November 4, 2011

A holiday basket with a suprise and a tutorial

Hello all and thank you for stopping by today. This weeks challenge over at TOMIC was to make a basket and the second I saw Angela's I knew I had to try and make one like hers!! She made a basket with an actual basket weave and it looked like a picnic basket, sooo cute, you can see it here.  Thank you Angela for the inspiration!! Now, I went to her blog to see if she gave any sort of directions, but no such luck! She did say she used one inch strips of paper so I started from there and this...

... is how mine turned out. I thought some others of you might like to know how I made this, so I took some pics and notes along the way and have made a little tutorial on this which you can find here in my tutorials page.

This little Edwin is actually an ornament. He's attached using some twine(nicely hidden) so all the recepient needs to do is untie it and remove the twine and and then they have a cute little ornament for their tree.

Here's a close up of this Awesome Edwin!! This is distress inks attempt 2(if your're following me) and as you can tell I'm not grasping the whole really dark to really light concept. Perhaps I've been working with copics for too long. I wanted to get into these for that look, but when I'm coloring it just doesn't look right and I can't get myself to do it, grrr!  Just keep trying, just keep trying...eventually I will get it,lol. Hope you like him anyway.

Here are a couple more views of my basket...

Has a magnetic opening on one side to make it easier to put/take things in/out.

Here you can see the twin holding the ornament and the side view of the ornament...I will def be making more of these themselves!!

That's all for today. Remember if you want some instructions to check out my tutorials page.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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LaJanette said...

Absolutely amazing! I love how you have made the basket and Edwin looks way cute! I like your DI coloring very much! Oh and making that sweet Edwin into an ornament...BRILLIANT!


Maria Therese said...

Gorgeous sweetie ♥

marion said...

o so lovely ! thanks for the tutorial ! Hugs, Marion

Anita said...

Autumn, this is so gorgeous. I think your coloring looks great - especially for just your 2nd time with DIs. Thanks for the basket tutorial. I can't wait to try one.

Loz ♥ said...

this is cool. I checked out your tutorial... might have to keep this one for Phil's next days off!! He'll need to keep the boys out of my hair aka craftroom LOL!!
I got your email... don't have your other address anymore?? Anyways, have a great day xx

Loz ♥ said...

okay.. emailed you back.. so check it :)

Kianel said...

This basket is very delicate and sooo vintage! Love it!
Thanks for joining us at TOMIC this week!
Love from France, Kianel.

sandiblu said...

Stunning Autumn, love that little basket and your colouring of Edwin is breathtaking !!!! off to look at you tutorial now.

Hugs, Sandra xx

My Little Corner said...

Autumn, i really love how you colored Edwin very much! so cool and great coloring!

Love from Indonesia,

Dena said...

Autumn, this could not get any cuter!!! OMG! I am in love with your adorable basket!!!! So very sweet and how fun to receive something in this!!!!

sandiblu said...

Hi Autumn, just playing "catch up" and wanted to congratulate you on winning TOMIC with this basket with Edwin. You deserve it girl ! It's such an amazing project and how you have coloured Edwin is just stunning !!

Hugs, Sandra xx