Thursday, March 15, 2012

Flowers for you...

 ... because I'm blue. My dear blogging friends March has just not been kind to me and one thing seems to go wrong after another. I got sick last week and just as I thought I was on the mend the ugliness really showed up and just yesterday spent the first day out of my room since Sunday. I sorely miss my crafting but when your tummy feels all blah it's hard to get anything done. At least I am out of my room again today and actually hope to leave the house...we'll see how that goes, but we do desperately need some food. Hopefully today brings with it the ability to eat some food with flavor and NOT feel sick and a good outlook for least I'm still out of my room :) At any rate I wanted to let my regular visitors know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth and I hope to be back soon! Until then...

...I at least found you some pretty flowers taken a few years back. Hope this month has been kind to you and I'll be back asap.

Have a lovely day!


LaJanette said...

Oh Autumn; sorry to hear you have been feeling ill. Sending you tons of good vibes! Today will pass and tomorrow will be a better day!


Cheryl said...

oh sorry to hear,you have not been well Hun,and hope you continue,to stay on the mend,hun,take care hugs Cherylxxxxxxxx

Julie said...

Sorry to hearing you're not feeling too great!

Make sure you try and take it easy! Which isn't easy when you have children!


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